He rocks.

Fast, accurate, always looking for ways to improve my site and my web presence.

For anyone reading this: Hire him. Don’t think. Just do it – before your competitor does and then smokes you.

This website changed EVERYTHING.

Rebecca T. Dickson

Mark Marshall built KingstonHappenings.Org and has provided development and webmaster support since it’s inception over three years ago – and the service has been outstanding. The site generates nearly 6000 pageviews per week and has operated at nearly 100% availability since then which is remarkable considering the amount of content on the site and traffic to it.

Mark’s approach to websites is to make sure that the site is ‘right-sized’ and not more costly than it needs to be – which is not typical of most website developers.He has also been extremely responsive to any problems that occur – which is inevitable in this environment.

Kevin Godbey
Kingston Happenings

Mark Marshall is not only a creative web designer, he also goes above and beyond to meet his clients needs. Whether there’s a deadline or an emergency, Mark is there, unfaltering. I couldn’t imagine doing what I do without him.

Rebecca Martin

Mark has been my webmaster for fifteen years, from when he first rescued me from Go Daddy, hooked me up with far more reliable host servers, and built me a website that served me and my readers for a very long time.

Last year we did a total revamp of my site. I gasped with delight when I saw what he had done with the images I’d sent him. He’d found other key art, too — supported by a gorgeous template — that perfectly expressed how I wanted to be seen.

Mark responds immediately to tech questions — no matter how small. His thorough knowledge of WordPress — and all of its attending widgets — inspires confidence. (It means he usually has answers to tech issues before I even think to ask).

I deeply appreciate the care and attention Mark invests in the success of his satisfied clients. Though we’ve yet to meet in person, that hasn’t stopped us from having a beautiful professional relationship. Thank you, Mark – and thanks to the internet!

Elisabeth Grace

Mark has handled dozens of web-related projects for our clients over the last several years. Web sites, Landing pages, social media; he’s never let us down, is always responsive to our needs and interacts smoothly and professionally with our clients. Just as important for a small creative shop like ours, once he quotes a timeframe and price…that’s the timeframe and that’s the price. What a concept.

So, let me put this as succinctly as possible. Hire Mark. Get your work done right. Sleep well at night.

Steve Powell
S. Powell Associates

I can’t imagine a better person to work with than Mark Marshall. He has a great design eye, but that’s not all he brings to a partnership. He has a great feel for language and for marketing nuance, so he doesn’t only make websites pretty. He also makes them smart. He’s also super-responsive and super-responsible, which makes him a total pleasure to work with. That, plus the fact that he’s a fun, nice, heart-centered guy. Mark has now designed multiple websites for us and we’ve been delighted by his work every time.

On a five-star rating system, I’d give Mark Marshall six stars.

Carl Frankel
The Center for Intimate Arts
Tennis For Good

No matter what the issue is, my call is always received with a calming voice that walks me back from the ledge. Our website, social media and marketing strategies are really a great asset to Savona’s, and I look forward to many more years of success working together.

Stephen Savona
Savona’s Trattoria

Mark Marshall has been managing my website and related web stuff for — wow — it’s been 7 years or so. He recently rebuilt my site with a modern, mobile-friendly version.

I feel very lucky to have found him (on the recommendation of a friend). He’s knowledgable, prompt, reasonable, and personable. He’s the best!

Lee Reich

I met Mark online through a recommendation from a friend as the “go to guy” and “wizard” if one experiences problems with their website – and everything internet related.
From the beginning, Mark was highly professional and comforting, in a situation where I thought I had lost my website forever to hackers.
He tackled the problem immediately and presented solutions that proved to work. In a very short time he was able to get my website hacker free and clean, set up protection and gave me advise how to protect my site better. He even followed up afterwards to make sure that Google removed it’s hacking concerns regarding my website.
What Mark is doing is absolutely worth every Penny that he is charging. You will not be disappointed.

Torsten Radtke
Executive Chef and Owner – ‘Ono Cuisine
Mal Pais/ Costa Rica

Pleasing web site design and end-user experience is important. That’s a given. However, being there whenever I have an issue or question is what sets Mark Marshall’s work far above the bar. I have multiple web sites for my variety of work and commerce. In that, my livelihood depends upon being current and most importantly… always functional. Mark’s continued attention to web coding innovations, combined with his incredible client service ethic is why I would never… ever… consider looking elsewhere for full charge web site design and support services.

Doug Howard
Managing Partner
Lodestar Entertainment, LLC

As the practice administrator for a large podiatric surgical group, I am well aware of the value of service that exceeds the expectations of clients or customers. That is why I thought it important enough to go on the record about the level of service that Mark has provided our organization for the past ten years.

When our practice was in need of an upgrade to our website, we were referred through another local business associate. Needless to say, we have enlisted his services from that point forward and have never regretted it. We rely on Mark for all of our website needs: from quick updates to our existing site to assisting us in building new links and content. And just as importantly, all of it is done quickly and accurately!

I have always lived by the maxim that a company (or a practice) is only as good as its employees or representatives. To borrow a term from professional sports, Mark Marshall is a “franchise player” that would be a welcomed edition to any team! On behalf of the staff and doctors of Hudson Valley Foot Associates, I would like to personally thank you for your support and outstanding service these past 10+ years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Bud Walker, Practice Administrator

Mark is not only a dear friend but he’s my webmaster extraordinaire. He created a beautiful website for me – but more than that, he helps with anything technical, anything internet related and is always there for me whenever there’s a problem on my site, fixing glitches, solving problems and coming to the rescue like my knight in shining digital armor!! If you are looking for someone to create a new website for your business, Mark is your guy. If you want someone to edit a video of your and create a masterpiece from your music, images or product….Mark is your guy. He is the supernova of web masters.

Jo Jayson

I have a business that is in a highly competitive market. I needed someone who could not only challenge me but put together a web presence that is not generic, pops, and gets my message across. I was lucky enough (through a friend of mine who has great success using him) to meet Mark Marshall… We had many conversations about my website, packaging, etc – and in a timely/ affordable manner, Mark came up with a fantastic looking, functional website and the best packaging design in my market. I have many successes because of Mark’s unique and broad understanding and expertise in this field. There are many companies that offer web/package design but are flat and overpriced for what you get. Whether you are a new or an existing company, I HIGHLY recommend you have a meeting with Mark and see how he can help shape your future.

Michael Connolly
CEO, MJC IronWorks

We’ve always enjoyed working with Mark – he is accommodating to our busy schedule by making himself available at our office and off-hours to help us build and maintain our site. His knowledge helps when our practice management advisors recommend changes and integration of other software systems. This digital world has gotten so complex that if you are really trying to do your own site and have it function properly, you will likely spend way too much time away from your real business. Why don’t you allow an expert take a possibly frustrating task off of your plate and free up that time for what you do best. We did and Mark has been a pleasure to work with.

Drs. Viglielmo

Some 10 plus years ago, I was faced with the decision of not only modernizing a first-generation website for my company, but more so, finding a talented individual that I could rely upon on a daily basis to not only the be the creative force behind the Kolstein.com website, but someone that would maintain the site as if it was his own.

Mark has proven to be the superior choice for such a task. We now are into the third generation of our website that has all the necessary features, including integration with social media, but yet is completely user friendly and incredibly eye catching visually. The site has been designed in such a manner by Mark, that as a layperson, I can go into the backend to make spur of the moment changes. Saying that, I must tell that Mark is always just a call or text away for any issues or changes that need to be done.

Now one would think that one site would be more than enough, but because of Mark’s creative genius, linked with my business ideas, I now have 3 additional websites… all tended to and maintained by Mark on a daily basis.

One of the greatest aspects of our business relationship is that it is more than business. We have become lifelong friends, based upon an admiration and respect that I have for Mark as a creative force, but equally a man with a huge heart.

I would like to think that I have a special place with Mark, which I believe I do. However, from what I see, everyone of his clients that I know of, has a very similar relationship with him. Quite special qualities in a world that most client to business relationship are on a “watch the clock basis”. This has never been the case with Mark.

Would I recommend Mark to colleagues of mine? I have, and will continue to do so.
I am more than honored to have Mark as such an integral part of my business, but equally honored to have Mark as a dear friend.

Barrie Kolstein
President, Kolstein Music, Inc.
Head Luthier and owner of S. Kolstein & Son, Ltd. Violinmakers
CEO of International Music Cafe, Ltd.

Over the past decade, he’s built nine cutting-edge websites for us…plus a thriving online community for our violin users…
He set us up with an e-commerce system that allows us to sell products right from our website…
He’s done logo designs, scripted and created promotional videos and DVDs… and, most importantly, he helped developed a strategy and brand with us from the start for our now-nationwide “Electrify Your Strings!” educational program, which has grown exponentially ever since.

Mark Wood
Laura Kaye
Mark Wood Music Productions
Wood Violins
Electrify Your Strings!

I found Mark Marshall through a friend’s recommendation – and what a great find Mark is. I had just fired two people who put themselves out as “Webmasters”. Too much aggravation and many dollars later, they showed themselves to be amateurs who did not know what they were doing. My website looked and functioned like a 7th grader built it.

Mark is a real Webmaster at such a reasonable price. In no time, Mark fixed everything on my website, basically rebuilding it using the latest technology. This is not a simple website. Mark built an interactive calendar that books clients, notifies me of date and payment, sends back a confirmation and automatically sends documents to the person which they can print out, fill in online and tap a send button to return it to me. Mark made my website bright, attractive, attention grabbing, easy to navigate and kept it real and honest with my words. Mark was able to “set the mood” on the website that reflects the work.

Mark is clear, really hears people, very talented, warm professional… a real Webmaster and the bonus is, Mark is the nicest guy to work with. Always cheerful, patient and able with the ebb and flow of a client’s life, I immediately felt such a connection with this sweet man. He is my new “cuz” 🙂

Harriet Kazansky

Mark Marshall expertly designed and created my easy to navigate, beautiful, informative chiropractic website many years ago. Over the years, with his know-how and suggestions, we have updated it to include new work that I do.

Mark is always responsive, incredibly artistic, full of excellent ideas that I never would have thought of, and he accomplished all that I wanted for my website, and more! He used ideas, images, text and music that I wanted to include, was sensitive to what was important to me, and expanded on whatever I presented to him.

Mark is fun and easy to work with, and has made it easy for me to improve my website whenever needed. He also considered what I could afford and even found a less expensive web hosting company for me to use when that became possible.

I think Mark is fabulous and I recommend him highly to anyone wanting a great website!

Carolyn Honey Friedman

It is a pleasure working with Mark Marshall. His design ideas are great, and he transformed a large amount of information into a a very user friendly website.

The challenge for my site was to not only present the usual calendar, biographical, photos, video and contact information, but also to implement my record label with a listening and sales division as well as present the companies that I endorse.

Mark pulled it all together! I highly recommend Mark’s work.

Mark Egan
bassist, composer

Mark is not only a dear friend, but the developer and manager of my website. In addition, Mark assists with graphic design, social media consulting, video editing, and continues to be a major contributor to my children’s animation projects. Mark is an integral part of the success of my company – he always brings a positive professionalism, fresh ideas, and a sincere graciousness in all his interactions. We have worked together for over ten years!

Sukey Molloy

Mark Marshall brings his extraordinary talents, skills and creativity to every client and project he takes on. He’s great to work with. His professionalism and integrity make him someone you can rely on. I certainly do!

Lawrence Edwards, PhD

Mark Marshall is the man. He completely designed my entire website with minimal input from me and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate final product. It looks good, functions well, and is super-easy for me to update myself. I’d recommend Mark to anyone who needs any kind of website work, in fact I do recommend him anytime I have a chance!

Eli Winograd

As a busy spiritual counselor, and someone who is technically challenged, the last thing I want, is to get bogged down with website glitches, design and management.

Mark works quickly, demonstrates patience with me, and most importantly, he responds to my calls and emails immediately. I don’t have to sit on hold for an hour for my concerns to be addressed. Without his help I’d be spending major time on tasks that take me away from the business responsibilities I love.

He is creative, efficient, and great to work with. I owe my success – in part – to having him as a dedicated part of my team. Thank you so much, Mark!

Marin Graves

Mark is a consummate professional and very easy to work with. Not only did he design and later upgrade my website, but I’ve recommended him to friends and colleagues who are also happy with his work. He is always available and responds quickly to any questions and technical problems with hosting services and other providers and will work with you until the problem is solved. He combines an artist’s sensibility regarding design elements with extensive technical expertise.

Marc Ostrow, Esq.

Earlier this year, Mark built a website for me, a website devoted to the art of my late father, and as such, this work needed a gentle guiding hand. A cookie cutter approach would never do for this project. Mark’s suggestions were just that, suggestions, he never pushed, and he offered them with clear reasoning. In the end I received a website that draws the visitor into the life and work of an artist as though they were browsing a memoir. Beautifully done.

Stacy Christensen

Mark is a fantastic guy to work with when structuring your company’s web presence. He is very knowledgeable and will be involved as little or as much as you’d like. He is very responsive, creative and proactive; and he takes great pride of ownership in his end product and service. I have him on speed dial, and he’s never let me down. His fees are also very reasonable. I highly recommend him and his services.

Todd S. Anderson